Find out why Parliament Silver cigarettes are the top option for smokers who respect quality and sophistication. Enjoy their excellent flavor.
Parliament Silver cigarettes provide a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience unlike any other thanks to a special blend of premium tobacco blends and cutting-edge filter technology.

The excellent Virginia and Burley tobaccos that make up the rich blend of Parliament Silver cigarettes are hand-selected from the world’s best tobacco-growing countries.
The most discriminating palates will be satisfied by the superb blend’s distinctive and gratifying flavor profile, which is both smooth and strong.

The unique recessed filter technology distinguishes Parliament Silver cigarettes from the competition.
By forming a tiny air pocket between the filter and the tobacco, this innovative design efficiently cools the smoke and offers a smoother, cleaner draw.
For people who place a high priority on their health, the recessed filter also aids in lowering the amount of tar and nicotine inhaled.

The elegant, silver packaging of Parliament Silver cigarettes exudes sophistication and class.
The recognizable Parliament emblem is etched in silver on the front of the pack as a representation of the company’s dedication to excellence and quality.

When you select Parliament Silver cigarettes, you are making a statement about your taste and ideals as well as choosing a cigarette.
Parliament Silver is the pinnacle of distinction and refinement for individuals who value the finer things in life.

Discover for yourself the unmatched quality of Parliament Silver cigarettes, a product that speaks to your refined taste and desire for an improved smoking experience.


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