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Parliament Full Flavor cigarettes have a remarkable blend of Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobaccos that have been painstakingly sourced from the world’s best tobacco-growing locations.
This outstanding blend caters to smokers who prefer a more potent and pleasant smoke with a powerful and full-bodied flavor profile.

The ground-breaking recessed filter design sets Parliament Full Flavor cigarettes apart from the competitors.
A tiny air chamber is positioned between the filter and the tobacco in this ground-breaking design, allowing the smoke to cool and produce a smoother, more pleasurable draw.
Smokers who place a high priority on their health might use Parliament Full Flavor since the recessed filter helps to reduce the quantity of tar and nicotine absorbed.

The package for Parliament Full Flavor cigarettes is opulent and striking, reflecting the quality and personality of the product inside.
The eye-catching Parliament logo, which is embossed in gold on the front of the pack, stands for the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence and quality.

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