The premium tobacco mix used in Parliament Soho NYC Premium Silver cigarettes is designed to deliver a satisfying and mellow smoking experience.
The company’s groundbreaking filter design, which features a recessed filter tip for a smoother draw and cleaner flavor, has earned it widespread recognition.
A sophisticated activated charcoal mechanism in the filter also aids in removing dangerous toxins and other pollutants from the smoke.

The sophisticated packaging of Parliament Soho NYC Premium Silver cigarettes is another noteworthy aspect.
Each pack is made with a classy silver and black color scheme that screams luxury and elegance.
The cigarettes themselves are also longer than regular size, making for a longerlasting and more pleasurable smoking experience.

For those seeking a premium smoking experience with a dash of refinement, Parliament Soho NYC Premium Silver cigarettes are a fantastic option.
The brand stands out in the congested cigarette industry thanks to its cuttingedge filter design and stylish packaging.


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