Two Capsules

The rich flavor of tobacco will fill your life with the most extraordinary tobacco experience, and the less scent of this Marlboro Double Mix will most likely put an end to bothering others with the strong smell of tobacco. The existence of two capsules distinguishes them. The filter includes two equivalent shade buttons. There are four flavors available:

  • Menthol: click the blue button; fruity: click the purple ring on the filter.
  • Menthol – fruit – push two buttons simultaneously; traditional tobacco – do not touch any part of the filter; smoke a cigarette.

A sealed pack ensures the flavor and purity of cigarettes. The dosage is low – tar milligrams, nicotine 0.4 milligrams—stylish tutu in black with insertions of blue and violet hues blending. So, purchase it now to experience this fantastic cigarette.


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