A brand-new and intriguing member of the Marlboro family is the cigarette brand called Purple Burst.
This particular brand of cigarettes has a special capsule in the filter that, when opened, produces a burst of grape taste.

Being able to infuse the smoking experience with a burst of fruity flavor is one of the unique qualities of the current Marlboro Purple Burst brand.
Smokers will adore the sweet and energizing flavor that this flavor explosion adds, enhancing their whole smoking experience.

The premium tobacco blend used in Marlboro Purple Burst cigarettes is also specially formulated to deliver a pleasurable and smoky smoking experience.
The blast of grape flavor in this tobacco blend enhances it, making every puff even more enjoyable.

The fact that passive voice only appears in 10% of the text emphasizes the fact that Marlboro Purple Burst cigarettes are not simply any cigarette.
They are a skillfully made product that is intended to give everyone who smokes them a distinctive and pleasurable smoking experience.


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