For many years, smokers have preferred the premium cigarette brand Marlboro Smooth.
The distinctive combination of premium tobacco and menthol flavor in Marlboro Smooth distinguishes it from other brands of cigarettes.
No other cigarette brand can compare to the pleasant and revitalizing smoking experience that this ideal combination produces.

Smokers have the option of choosing between the standard or menthol flavors of Marlboro Smooth, according on their preferences.
The standard flavor is smooth and moderate with a lingering sweetness undertone.
On the other hand, the menthol flavor delivers a cold and revitalizing experience with each puff.

The Marlboro Smooth packaging is also distinctive and fashionable, featuring a sleek black background and the recognizable Marlboro emblem in green.
The cigarette itself is a typical king-size, with a smooth-drawing white filter.

Marlboro Smooth is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking for a cigarette brand that offers a satisfying and revitalizing smoking experience.


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