Smoking Newport Menthol Blue cigarettes is a revitalizing and refreshing experience.
To produce a smooth, cool smoke, these menthol cigarettes are expertly made with only the finest tobacco and menthol flavorings.
You’ll taste a combination of premium tobacco and cooling menthol with each puff, which is sure to sate your desires.

The distinctive flavor harmony of Newport Menthol Blue cigarettes makes them stand out from other menthol cigarettes.
The flavoring of menthol is not overbearing and harmonizes wonderfully with the taste of tobacco.
This mix was created specifically to provide a full, pleasurable smoking experience that is appropriate for any situation.

The sleek blue packaging for these cigarettes bears the recognizable Newport insignia.
20 smokes per pack make it simple to enjoy your preferred flavor while on the go.
You can select the size that’s best for you by choosing from the standard and 100s sizes of Newport Menthol Blue cigarettes.

Newport Menthol Blue cigarettes are the ideal option if you’re seeking for a menthol cigarette that offers a smooth, energizing smoke.
Everyone who appreciates a clean and crisp smoking experience will love them.


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