The revolutionary and unusual Camel Activate cigarettes mix the traditional taste of Camel cigarettes with a special capsule that enables smokers to select their preferred flavor.
Fresh and Mint are the two flavors of these cigarettes.
An explosion of flavor is released when the capsule is activated, enhancing the smoking experience.

The versatility of Camel Activate cigarettes is what sets them apart from other brands.
Smokers who prefer the taste of traditional tobacco can enjoy the cigarette without activating the capsule, while those who prefer the flavor of menthol can do so to experience a cool mint rush.
Smokers seeking something unique frequently choose Camel Activate cigarettes because of this cutting-edge feature.

Camel cigarettes are regarded for their high quality, and the same is true of Camel Active.
These cigarettes’ meticulously chosen and blended tobacco provides a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.
The capsules are also constructed with premium components, guaranteeing the best flavor possible.

Smokers have a range of options to choose from thanks to the availability of Camel Activate cigarettes in both king size and ultra slim size.
Camel Activate cigarettes provide flavors for everyone, whether you want a robust and complex flavor or a more energizing one.


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