Those who value quality and sustainability will find a unique smoking experience with American Spirit Celadon cigarettes.
These additive-free cigarettes are made with organic tobacco that was cultivated without the use of damaging pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This ensures a pure and natural smoking experience.

For individuals who prefer a softer smoking experience, American Spirit Celadon cigarettes stand out for their light and pleasant flavor.
Because the tobacco is air-cured, it has a smooth, mellow flavor that is unmatched by any other brand available.
In keeping with the company’s dedication to environmental responsibility, American Spirit Celadon cigarettes are also wrapped in environmentally friendly materials.

The low nicotine and tar content of American Spirit Celadon cigarettes is another distinctive quality that makes them a fantastic option for people who wish to limit their exposure to dangerous chemicals.
Furthermore free of synthetic flavors and colors, these cigarettes offer a delightful and healthy natural smoking experience.

Discover the distinct flavor and purity of American Spirit Celadon cigarettes, and take pleasure in smoking for both the environment and yourself.


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